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The Bodies Temple

...balance mind body...

Holistic Therapies

...awaken within...

Welcome to The bodies temple

At The Bodies Temple we work with your individual needs! 

We focus on whats going on on the inside as well as the outer body.

We look at mind, body, emotion, circumstance, past, present and then we work together for you to set up your own future.

We take a look at diet, vibration, thought, pattern, motivation, life, dreams and whats holding us back.

We work with balance of body (organs, systems, hormones), balance of thought (positive, negative, past beliefs, busy mind), balance of energy (chakras, vibration, environment).

We offer Ayurvedic Face and Body Treatments, Holistic Massage, Skin Rejuvenation, and maitanance treatments like waxing and 


"We apply ourselves with love, nurturing, understanding and support of your needs and with non judgment"

Offering all your Health Beauty and Wellbeing needs all at the one place!