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The Bodies Temple

Ayurvedic Body Therapy

Tibetan Shirodhara

Mind Massage​

  • An ancient Ayurvedic therapy that will lead to a restful, peaceful sleep. Increases Prana! A way to synchronise and slow brain waves, making them more coherent
  • A way to reprogram unhealthy patterns
  • Spiritual progress
  • A light, clear feeling
  • Rejuvenation after deep cleansing or illness
  • Relief from headaches and migraines
  • A capacity for better decision making
  • Better general clarity and a way to cut through procrastination
  • Nourishment for the entire nervous system
  • A calmer, more organized mind
  • A way to purify the mental sheath
  • Activated Nadis (channels associated with the Chakras)
  • A systematic mental purification that helps the body and mind discover the healing that is needed
  • More oxygen and nutrients transported to the brain
  • The Ultimate Ayurvedic Spa Experience...

Benefits of Shirodhara

  • Calms the mind, body and spirit
  • Synchronizes and slows brain waves, making them more coherent
  • Helps balance Vata in the mind
  • Calming the vayus, it activates the nadis and purifies the chakras
  • Helps to reduce stress produced by nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue.
  • Unlike most Ayurvedic therapies that work on the physical and energy sheaths of the subtle body, shirodhara works to very effectively purify the mental sheath (manomaya kosha), clearing unhelpful mental patterns (samskaras), imbalanced desires (vasanas) and past traumas that interfere with good health and spiritual growth.
  • Systematic mental purification helps the body/mind discover the healing that is needed, and recovery can be spontaneous (like correcting a computer program)
  • Drops metabolic rate
  • More oxygen and nutrients are transported to the brain
  • Cerebral circulation is improved
  • Mood is stabilized  

90min       $210

Withania Body Polish

A luxurious body exfoliation using the fine grains of Walnut, Jojoba and


Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin 

and is one of the most important aspects of skincare routine for the body. 

Exfoliation not only helps many skin problems, it also increases blood 

circulation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin.


Omveda Pada Hasta

Two of the most sensory areas of the body yet often neglected, the hands 

and feet carry us forward in our journey enabling us to feel our way through 

life’s wonders and lessons.

This combined treatment pampers your hands and feet with warm 

Ayurvedic herbs and aromatic oils.

Beginning the treatment with a stimulating exfoliation, then followed by a 

nourishing and nurturing massage.


Ear Candle Treatment

Ear Candles are soothing & helpful in treatment of:

*Sinusitis                                       *Otis Exterior

*Headaches                                  *Tropical Ear

*Jaw pain                                      *Tinnitus

*Ear aches                                    *Vertigo

*Ear noise                                     *Stress related symptoms

*Balancing Ear pressure               *Nervousness

The effect after treatment is a soothing, pressure & pain relieving 

sensation, mainly in the Head & Ear regions.

Clearer nasal breathing and an improved sense of smell are often 

experienced, as well as a wonderful relaxed feeling.

Ear Candle Treatment                                           30

Ear Candle Treatment & Scalp Massage            60

Body Wrap

Beginning the treatment with a brisk body brush, followed by a customised 

blend of Ayurvedic oils and herbs applied to your body in the form of a 

mask. In addition to exfoliating and beautifying the skin, this body 

wrap targets individual skin and body needs such as balancing hormones, 

detoxification, blood purification, hot and cold temperaments and more. A 

marma point foot massage with customised oils is incorporated to stimulate 

the flow of energy.


Abdominal Wrap

A blend of Ayurvedic oils and herbs are applied to your abdomen in the form 

of a mask. In addition to exfoliating and beautifying the skin, this body 

wrap targets individual needs such as releasing tension, balancing the 

bodies systems, detoxification, purification and a nourishing treatment for 

internal organs. A marma point foot massage with customised oils is 

incorporated to stimulate the flow of energy.


Infrared Sauna Therapy


*Kills bacteria

*Increases circulation

*Nourishes damaged tissue

*Weight loss

(by speeding up Metabolic process)

*Cardiovascular Health

(increases heart rate & blood circulation without heightening blood pressure)

*Speeds Recovery from injury

(stimulates vasodilation of blood vessels bringing oxygen to joints)


(quicker metabolic rate causes extra toxic waste)

*Skin Beautification

(carries great amounts of nutrients to skin, promoting healthy glow, tone & texture)

*Improved immune system

(By creating "artificial fever" immune system is increased while virus & bacteria growth 

is slowed)

30min session $35                10 session package $300 (pre paid)

40min session $40                10 session package $350 (pre paid)