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The Bodies Temple

Ayurvedic Body Therapy

Genome Healing

In a Genome Healing session you will be guided into the organs and 

systems of your body. Allowing these parts of you to "have a voice" and to 

be transformed back to your perfect blueprint.

The organs themselves will tell you of the shifts taking place!

During a treatment we will clear any unhappy or traumatic events from the 

past or present that may be keeping you stuck from moving forward.

Freeing your body up to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.



1 Session 150

3 Sessions 360 (pre-paid)

5 Sessions 550 (pre-paid)


The Magic of breath 

Where the inner breath is connected to the outer breath. 

Inner breath can also be called pure life, spirit, God, or infinite being.

The outer breath is air, oxygen, and the respiratory system.

Breath work is both a simple physical breathing technique and a profound 

emotional cleansing tool.

It is a form of yoga streamlined for Westerners.

Traditional East Indian yoga uses breath for centring, relaxation, and 


The differences are that yoga breathing has a slightly different effect than 

the Rebirthing breath used in breath work, breath work tends to accelerate 

the clearing process faster than hatha yoga, the most commonly practiced 

form of yoga in the West.

Principles of Breath Work








Rebirthing of Self

By directing your breathing you may let go of a headache, calm your 

nerves, give yourself more energy to swim further, focus your thoughts to 

solve a problem or enter a state of no thoughts (meditation).

At another level you can use the breath to release forgotten upsets and 

long held emotional hurts.

1 session $150

10 sessions $1500 (recommended)

Pulse Analysis

Coming Soon

Electromagnetic Therapy

Coming Soon

Crystal Bed Light Therapy

  • Cleanses your chakras from any negative energies that have become attached to your energy field
  • Opens your chakra centres and cleanses any blockages that impede the vital flow of your life force into your vital body organs and body functions, through your meridians
  • Realigns, centres and corrects the spin of each chakra
  • Lifts your energy vibration to assist your overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Stimulates and boosts the immune system at a high level
  • Anti-aging – brings a youthful glow to the face and skin
  • Combats jet lag – eliminates the extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt after a long flight across different time zones
  • Feel inner peace
  • Feel less stressed
  • Feel lighter
  • Feel much more energised
  • Feel more aligned, taller and straighter in the spine
  • Feel overwhelming gratitude
  • Feel a deep relaxation
  • Experience increased self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Improvements in all health conditions
  • Gain a deeper spiritual understanding of yourself, and your life situation
  • Achieve insight into your future path

1 treatment 70

5 treatments 300

Guidance Readings

Your reading with me is facilitated with the highest of integrity and are 

received from a very pure and divine place. 

A Life Guidance Reading is perfect if you are looking for clarity in navigating 

your direction in your life and realigning with your Life Purpose and your 

Higher Self.

"Knowing that you are the creator and master of your own destiny; a card reading offers wonderful guidance and the choices in life that you make are always up to you and only you"

30min          50

60min          80